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Redwood City E-waste is proud to be a division of Blue Star Company, Inc. We relentlessly engage in playing the crucial role as one of the competitive asset disposition companies in the Bay Area. We staunchly believe in diminishing risk to the environment, by eliminating the hazards of data security.

We are excited to now offer full and partial office cleanouts and moves (E-waste, wiring, furniture, etc.). Please don’t hesitate to schedule a pick-up request above or reach out to us for details.

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Office Clean Outs and Moves

How We


If you have e-waste to discard, please let us know by sending us an email. Our team will collect it from your doorstep.
Upon collecting your e-waste (electronics such as: laptops, printers, cellphones, monitors, computers, etc.), we will classify it into Non-hazardous and Hazardous material.
We will recycle, reclaim, or reuse your discards in a safe and secure manner.
Profits can be made through our bay back program on select items
Recycled items are Not being sent to a landfill.


Our team makes it possible

Technically, there is no such term as “e-waste” since every item can be used in various ways at every stage. To make each item valuable for the next use, it requires moving it to safe hands where it receives the best treatment.
We are living in a world of technology, where large amounts of e-waste surround us. Not only does this pollute the environment, our health is affected as well, when e-waste, such as: computers, smartphones, or laptops are not treated and recycled in the correct manner. Redwood City is an ideal location as we all commit to lowering the pollution levels by recycling the responsible way.

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We believe in the best service

Redwood City E-waste is a distinguished organization staunchly believing in using the new age and latest trends to unearth a comprehensive range of Data Destruction Services.Our dedicated team follows the

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Data Destruction

As a Division of Blue Star Electronic Inc., Redwood City Waste has carved out a strong image in the field of recycling. Within a short span of time, we have emerged as a leader in providing data security and IT disposal needs because of holding immense experience. At this platform, we come up with a comprehensive range of services.

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